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Pam Burgess

Office Manager

Pam was born in Plattsburgh, New York and was raised all over the world as a child of a military family experiencing many unique and challenging things. When she was just a young child living in the Philippine Islands, she experienced something that would mold her for her entire life. Pam went to an orphanage at the age of five, she told her mom at this time that she was going to adopt all the children in the world that nobody else wanted.  In pursuit of her goal, she did indeed adopt children – seven of them to be exact.

Pam has had a variety of stimulating and skill building jobs during her life. She spent many years as an interior decorator as well as an office professional. Pam has always loved working with people; while spending time in the field of behavioral health working with children and their families, she realized that her passion was to work in the medical field.  She went back to school and received her M.A. proving to herself and her children that you are never too old to achieve your dreams.

Pam is an integral part of the team at Pure Health & Wellness Center. Whether it is answering the phone or counseling a patient on their health benefit; the clinic and out patients are better served and more cared for due to her compassion and dedication. Pam has been with Pure Health & Wellness Center since our inception.

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