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Hair Restoration

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration

For a Fraction the Cost of a Hair Transplant!

Stimulation of Hair Growth

PRP is injected into the scalp where it works to stimulate hair growth. PRP therapy activates the adult stem cells known as follicular progenitor cells. Like we mentioned PRP is rich in growth factors and these help in promoting localized cell growth. This treatment has no barriers and is effectively used to treat men and women suffering from hair loss.

PRP therapy can be used to reverse and treat even the most complex hair loss problems. The survival rate of hair follicles dramatically increases as the platelets stimulate the hair cycle’s anagen phase or what many would call the growth phase. The anagen phase could last anywhere between two to six years before going to the catagen phase which is when the hair begins to shrink.

There are many reasons why more and more experts recommend PRP therapy for hair loss.

  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Safe and reliable
  • Quick recovery
  • Short procedure
  • Reduced risk of reactions
  • Proven by clinical research to help hair loss

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