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hcgHCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that helps develop the endocrine and immune system.  While it is naturally present at the time of prenatal development, HCG therapy has been found to help stimulate underdeveloped pituitary, thyroid and sex hormones, and assist in fertility for both women and men.   Because HCG uniquely facilitates fat burning metabolism, it has been paired with a low calorie and fat burning diet to assist in weight loss when regular diet and exercise have failed.

Our office only prescribes high quality, compounded whole HCG hormone, as an injection therapy, combined with a diet, exercise and nutrition plan that is optimized to the patient’s needs. We offer guided 3 week and 6 week packages. Laboratory testing for underlying health problems that can make weight loss difficult or exacerbated by weight loss may be ordered at the time of visit, or part of a screening process to ensure safety.  Patients will receive a follow up visit with their initial HCG plan, to ensure that any health concerns or difficulties are addressed and corrected. Patients are strongly encouraged to consider additional hormone evaluation through laboratory testing, in order to help maximize ongoing health maintenance after the plan has finished.

HCG is generally safe, but a doctor visit with history and physical, and sometimes laboratory testing, is required to obtain a prescription.  Because it is a biologically active hormone, screening is necessary to ensure that HCG is used with the appropriate patient.  Patients with certain cancers, blood clotting disorders and some reproductive disorders are not usually considered good candidates for HCG hormone.   The FDA has not labeled HCG hormone for weight loss, because it requires a specific diet, nutrition and exercise plan for it to be effective.  Patients who are considered poor candidates for HCG therapy will be given a diet, exercise and nutrition plan that is more suitable for their current health and lifestyle needs.

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