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Hypnotherapy for Weight Reduction

weighting-is-overHave you ever struggled with reaching and maintaining a consistent healthy weight?  Have you tried diet after diet with limited or no success?  Has your weight yo-yoed up and down?  Have you ever tried cutting back the junk food but could not resist the cravings.  Have you actually known exactly what and how to eat to be fit and healthy but just can’t seem to stick to it?  Then, Hypnosis for weight reduction is for you.

“The Weighting is Over”   Hypnotists Michael and Debra Lewenczuk have designed a powerful and effective 3 week hypnosis course that sets your healthy eating habits on auto pilot.  With proven, healthy nutrition, based on the Paleo diet, and relaxing, behavior modifying hypnosis, Mike and Debra will help to propel you easily and naturally towards your weight and health goals.  Get the body and health you want using the power of your own subconscious mind.

This small group course, (8 people max.), is packed with valuable information, hypnotic tips and tools specially designed to help you reach your weight and fitness goals.  And, of course, you receive powerful weight reducing hypnosis every week.  Contact for details.

Individual Weight Reduction Hypnosis sessions are available for clients who prefer a one-on-one customized hypnosis session.  This approach gets your sub-conscious mind powerfully working for you to reach your weight goals quickly and safely.  Individual sessions for weight reduction are available by appointment.

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