Many people struggle with chronic pain conditions. There are many ways to treat these issues ranging from stretching exercises to prescription pain medications. For Phoenix residents interested in alternative therapies, trigger point massage can be an effective way to alleviate pain.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Treat Many Chronic Pain Conditions

Trigger point massage therapy is used to release the tension caused by “trigger points,” the sensitive, painful knots that develop due to microcramps in muscle tissue. These trigger points can be very painful on their own, but they can also exacerbate or mimic other pain problems. For example, a trigger point that forms in a jaw muscle could mimic the symptoms of a toothache. Because of the interconnected relationship between trigger points and chronic pain conditions, trigger point therapy can be used to treat many types of pain. This includes neck and back pain, headaches, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and osteoarthritis.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Is Safe

Trigger point massage therapy is a safe, effective way to alleviate muscle-related pain. During a treatment session, therapists put pressure on the trigger points to relieve the tension that has built up in the muscle tissue. There are several techniques used by therapists to release trigger point spasms; some use digital pressure, while others use dry needling. These methods can provide fast, noninvasive relief for patients suffering from chronic pain problems.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy Can Enhance Mobility

When trigger points form, the resulting muscle tightness can reduce mobility. Trigger point massage therapy helps to relax the knots, which helps to restore range of motion and flexibility to the affected areas.

Trigger Point Massage Specialists

At Pure Health & Wellness Center, we provide effective trigger point massage therapy to Phoenix residents with chronic pain problems. Our massage therapists offer individualized treatments that could help to reduce pain after a single session. Call us today to learn more about our massage, chiropractor, and acupuncture services.