Testimonial from Nicole P.

My first chiropractic experience was more than 25 years ago when I visited a doctor 3x weekly. I have went off and on since then and never saw the improvement in range of motion, stiffness reduction and pain relief that I have had in just 3 weeks with Dr. Ross. He is...

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Testimonial from William R.

My Back and neck have improved. My ankle would swell up to the size of a small grapefruit. This was due to previous injuries from sports and currant age (68 yrs.). Dr. Ross had faith in a treatment that would reduce the ankle swelling. After seven treatments, my ankle...

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Testimonial from Mark F.

I have been a patient of Dr. Ross for about 4 years. In that period he has cured a severe tendon issue in my arm, Achilles tendon, issues in both legs, countless minor strains/pulls in various other parts and of course aligned my back/neck. In my opinion, Dr. Ross is...

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Google Review from Brandon S.

Several years ago I had a chronic case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot from years of running and triathlon. It was recommended by a friend to find someone familiar in Graston. They also warned to find a someone who really knew what they were doing, was well...

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Google Review from Andi R.

Kristin is an amazing aesthetician she has taken years off of my face. Her knowledge of skin care products and her techniques are the best I've seen and believe me I have seen a lot! Additionally Dr. McCann has tremendously helped me with my back and neck pain. He...

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Google Review from Diane R.

The staff couldn't seem to do enough for me! They made me feel very comfortable and important, from the warm reception at the front desk to the awesome massage and finally greeted by Dr Ross who is very nice and professional!! This is exactly how a doctor visit should...

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Google Review from Jennifer Parks

After years of many other chiropractors, Dr. Ross is the only one that I can say that has given my husband and I some true relief of pain. He really knows how to manipulate the muscles and adjust you to give you results you need with your back. His staff is amazing...

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Google Review from Stanley S.

I went to Pure Health & Wellness for a message to help with back pain from being in the military and ended up staying for chiropractic treatment from Dr. Ross. I couldn't be happier and I've received great tailored care to my needs thank you!

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Google Review from Jennifer P.

I have been going to Pure Health and Wellness since they opened, I always receive impeccable service, care and treatment. The staff is friendly and professional. Facility is always spotless and comfortable.

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