I was 33 years old when I started seeing Dr. McCann. Finding a chiropractor wasn’t easy for mebecause I truly didn’t know who to see that would help me quickly with an acute lower back issue. I was referred by my husband, who had seen him in the past, and recommended that I make an appointment. I made the appointment, which was awesome because I was able to be seen the same day. Dr. McCann was not only extremely thorough with explaining what was going on with my back, but his expertise and assessment skills were top notch! He has a great understanding for a more therapeutic-rehab approach for getting athletes back on their feet. Every individual and situation is different, and needs may vary. After ordering am MRI of my back, I soon learned that a more invasive approach to my resolution was inevitable. I learned that I had a pretty severe herniated disc at lumbar-five and a sacral-one that required a surgical approach. If I didn’t go in that day, I probably would have been in worse situation. Running is one of the many passions I have, and I thought that the goals I had were never going to be obtainable. After my back surgery, I took a whole year off from running and incorporated not only conservative chiropractic care, but focused on core strength exercises, stretching techniques and other cross training activities as well. I was also introduced to the Graston Technique for an issue I have with my left shoulder. After Dr. McCann explained this technique to me and how beneficial it would be, I was 100% on board. The results have been very positive. Now, activities like cycling and swimming are no longer painful for me. I feel I am “back” on track, and at age 36, I’m completing triathlons, half marathons and Xterra trail runs. My back feels great and my left shoulder has full range of motion once again. I would highly recommend Dr. McCann to friends and family of mine. I continue to see him for routine adjustments and Graston Technique sessions to keep me running like a well-oiled machine! Thanks Dr. McCann for doing what you do!