I was in a serious rear end collision in Phoenix, Az., on the 101 freeway in 12/2013. I have been in the care of LMT Rebecca Marshall since 5/2014. I have seen her once a week for the treatment of my neck caused by the rear end collision. Rebecca is a very highly skilled massage therapist and she is a professional at all times. She is extremely good at her profession and has always, during my treatment sessions carried out tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular since my injury. Her work for me in deep tissue massage has been a great and successful experience. One of the things I find very important is that she was always ready for my session and on schedule. There was not a single session in all the months I felt a massage therapy session was cut short for any reason. She was always interested in my needs of my injury and I was completely satisfied after every session. She was always there to remind me about my breathing so we could get the best results in the massage therapy session. I strongly recommend Rebecca Marshall and I’m confident you will be impressed with her work ethic and professionalism.