You probably saw it all over the athletes in the recent summer Olympics; the patriotic-looking tape swiped across their muscles. Kinesiology taping is becoming more and more popular, and not just among athletes. So in case you’re new to this taping trend, here’s a quick guide on kinesiology taping (known as KT therapy), specifically SpiderTech™.

What is Kinesiology Taping and SpiderTech™?

How SpiderTech kinesiology tape works


KT is a therapy that helps the body’s own natural pain relief and recovery process. SpiderTech™ is a line of kinesiology tape made up of special adhesives that act as coiled rubber bands on an elastic, cotton fabric. When the tape is placed on the body, the rubber bands help to store, control and release muscular energy. The tape is typically used to help joint instability, sprains and muscle strains. It works to support pain relief, prevent further injury and even to enhance performance. No wonder it was all over the Olympic athletes!

Why Use SpiderTech™?

SpiderTech™ was developed by a chiropractor who was working with a patient on a debilitative knee problem. He determined pre-cut tape would be easier and faster to apply, and that’s become a strong selling point of differentiation of the product. There are so many benefits and reason to use SpiderTech™:

  • It’s 100% drug-free relief.
  • It’s water resistant; each application lasts up to 5 days.
  • The tape is breathable and hypoallergenic. The rounded corners help reduce clothing snags and tape peeling.
  • SpiderTech™ is the same weight and elasticity as your skin, so it’s able to integrate with your body’s sensory system naturally.
  • When wearing the tape, you reduce the risk of injury.
  • It promotes proper muscle response while reducing healing times.


Since kinesiology tape focuses on sprains, strains and joints, the typical areas to use the tape are the knee, back, elbow, hip, neck and wrist. But it can be applied to and help just about any area that is experiencing swelling, bruising or chronic pain. While professional athletes like Michi Weiss (Ironman champion and Olympian), Tara McCormick (cycling champion) and Jenny Fletcher (triathlete) all swear by SpiderTech™, the tape still benefits weekend warriors and amateurs.

SpiderTech™ can be purchased just about anywhere, from big box stores to online retailers and wellness shops. While it helps to have a professional tape you to ensure correct placement and usage, there are areas that you can tape yourself in a matter of minutes. Another plus for SpiderTech™: the pre-cut strips even have numbered application tabs.

Did you know that own Dr. Justin Ross is the only certified SpiderTech instructor in Arizona? If you’re curious about SpiderTech and how it can help you heal or recover from an injury, he’s the man to see! Schedule an appointment today and get on your way to peak performance!