Do you suffer from fatigue, osteoporosis or high cholesterol? Then BioTe hormone pellet therapy might be right for you! Here is everything you need to know about hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix.

BioTe hormone pellet therapy uses hormones to replicate the body’s normal hormonal levels.

Hormone Replacement Therapy in PhoenixThe process for this type of hormone replacement therapy is simple:

  •      A compounding pharmacist fuses estrogen or testosterone into small cylinders.
  •      During an in-office procedure, the cylinder, or pellet, is placed in the fatty tissue beneath the skin.
  •      Repeat the procedure every three to five months.

Hormone therapy is NOT a one size fits all treatment.

Proper hormone levels are determined by blood work analysis. That means accurate dosing is customized for what each body needs. Optimized hormones significantly reduce the risk of health problems, like osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes.

There are several benefits to using pellets for hormone replacement therapy,  especially when compared to other methods.

  •    Pellets avoid the fluctuations, also known as the “roller coaster” effect, of hormone levels as experienced in other hormone replacement methods. This is because the pellets provide a constant supply of hormones that your body recognizes.
  •     Patients are less likely to experience blood clots.
  •     Studies have shown pellets to be superior for the relief of menopausal symptoms, restoration of sleep patterns, maintenance of bone density and improvement of sex drive.

While hormone pellet therapy offers many advantages, patients may still experience side effects, particularly when a dose if first given. Some side effects include weight gain, acne, increased facial hair in women, indigestion and headaches.

Why choose BioTe Hormone Pellet Therapy?Hormone Therapy in Phoenix is ideal for both Men and Women.

BioTe hormone pellet therapy is designed for men and women looking to improve their overall health as they age. Our own Laura Magoffie is skilled in this area of hormone therapy and will be by your side every step of the journey. Additional therapies may also be recommended to help with the same symptoms or to ease side effects. Acupuncture in particular is an excellent complementary treatment, and conveniently offered right in the clinic. 

To learn more about hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix, give Pure Health and Wellness a call at 623-243-4097 or book an appointment.