We’re so excited to welcome the newest member of our Pure Health team, Laura Magoffie! Laura has been working as a nurse and family nurse practitioner in north Phoenix for several years, but many of you may not know her yet or all of the fantastic treatments and specialties she brings to our clinic. So let’s dive in and get to know Laura!

From Flight Nurse to Family Nurse Practitioner in North Phoenix

Laura working with Native American Air Ambulance before becoming a family nurse practitioner in North PhoenixLaura moved from Iowa to Arizona to attend Arizona State University and earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Although she loved the excitement of working in a CVIU and ER, she set her sights higher. She scored and held her dream job as a Flight Nurse, then Director of Medical Operations, for Native American Air Ambulance. But after 14 years, she was itching for more.

Part of the reason Laura wanted to transition to family nurse practitioner was that she wanted to help people achieve and maintain a high level of health. She saw a need and desire from her patients to live happier, fuller lives. But things like fatigue, stress, decreased libido and general aging were getting in the way. So after earning her Masters Degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University, Laura started giving her patients more ways to live their best lives. She’s been working in Functional Medicine and Family Practice ever since!

Personal Assessments for Powerful Results

At Pure Health, Laura sees patients of every age for a wide range of treatments, from allergies and sports physicals to sutures and medical aesthetics. Of course there are a few treatments in particular that Laura gets excited about and likes to work with her patients on. She has seen so many patients complain about fatigue, weight gain, menopause, andropause and sometimes just a general lack of zest for life. With hormone replacement therapy and micronutrient infusion therapy, she can help patients feel like their former (younger) selves. And through creative, research-driven use of therapies like PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), she can help patients regenerate tissues, boost collagen and even regrow hair.

“At Pure Health, there are no time constraints and I see every patient every time they come in. It allows me to provide a more holistic assessment and treatment. I help patients attain not just their health and wellness goals with medical screenings, prescribing hormone therapy and medications, but also their physical appearance goals through weight loss and medical aesthetics. We also offer chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture to help patients achieve even more, all in one place.”
-Laura Magoffie, FNP

Laura completes her third Rock and Roll Phoenix Marathon!Lead by Example

Laura truly practices what she preaches about living a happy, healthy life. She’s an avid runner, from 5ks to marathons. She picked up this passion in high school when she set records in the 4X100 and sprint medley relays, which are still unbroken! And she just recently competed in the Rock and Roll Phoenix Marathon (for the third time). When she’s not practicing medicine or training, Laura loves just spending time with her husband, daughter and son.

We’re proud to add Laura Magoffie to our Pure Health and Wellness family! Help us welcome her and schedule your FNP appointment today! With Laura on board, we can even offer same day appointments!